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Huť Sváření Lesk ohněm Lité díly Opracování

Quality - complete production process under our control

Many producers promise their customers quality, but can not keep the promise.

Therefore - to be able to keep our promise - we have built production capacity independent from the quality of the suppliers. Thanks to these production capabilities we supply original Bohemian chandeliers of the highest quality to our customers anywhere in the world.


Glass is being produced in our facility in Lucany nad Nisou for over 130 years. Thanks to long tradition in glassmaking and skills of our workers we have developed unique technologies for manufacturing original designs of glass chandelier arms for project lighting. These technologies are protected by patents.


In our second facility in Jablonec nad Nisou we process raw brass from carefully chosen manufacturers. All machine processing is carried out under our control. Shaping, sanding, polishing, coating, varnishing and quality control - all those processes are under one roof. Our assembly shop gets entirely perfect parts.

Surface treatment

We pay high attention to metal surface treatment. We have large scale of patinas for brass chandeliers. Our technology department have developed original patinas for smooth surfaces of modern metal chandeliers. Quality of our baking paints is closely controlled, tested by us and proven by our customers in countries with humid climate and salty air. All products are varnished exclusively in our company.

Other components

Electric and joining components are purchased from carefully chosen certified European companies.


We devote a lot of care to design of our lighting fixtures and other products. Specialists in our design studio use 3D software; with knowledge of traditional Bohemian chandeliers and contemporary trends they design lighting fixtures that captivate present-day customers, but also draw from Czech tradition.

Metalwork shop for project lighting

In our metalwork shop we manufacture large metal frames for project lighting used in public areas of hotels, palaces and residential places. Thanks to our own glass production we are able to make original beautiful lighting objects.

We are proud to be a manufacturer of lighting, not only an assembly workshop.